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All Things Space

If you are interested in Outer Space, Space Exploration and Rocket Engineering, you have come to the right place.  On this website you will find information on different types of rocket propulsion, space resources, space engineering, and building interstellar colonies!   Check back frequently for updates and improvements.



This website describes what it takes to colonize and conquer space from a realistic point of view. The attached pdf document on building a Starship is available for you to read or download. If you want to see what it takes to build a Starship in the 21st century well this is the book for you!!! I have been working on this sporadically over the last couple of years and I welcome comments and feedback. I tried to keep it relatively simple but thorough- but it is a draft so there will be some errors or mistakes. I have also posted a shorter paper on Global Warming and some space-based solutions including Space Based Solar Power and building a Space Occulus- or a large solar shade that would offset the forecasted global warming in the 21st century. This paper (and an associated Power Point presentation) are linked on the Features and Topics page.

If you have any questions or think I have made an error, you have something you want clarified or just a suggestion e-mail me or use the attached Contact Form. I will be updating these documents with new and expanded information, as well as adding new space engineering articles periodically. Enjoy- hopefully you will find them interesting!!!


Additional FEATURES and TOPICS

Below I will be uploading additional papers on for building various space structures and terraforming

Global Temperature Rise Mitigation comparing Space Based Solar Power vs a Solar Occulus

Space Based Solar Power vs a Solar Occulus

Space Infrastructure for the 21st and 22nd Century

Can Space Based Solutions help with Global Warming? What are the options and costs of Space Based Solar Power vs a Solar Shade or Occulus

Below is a Power Point Presentation Comparing two alternatives-  Space Based Solar Power vs a Solar Occulus

Coming Soon!  New Article describing what it would take to successfully build an interplanetary society including large Space Stations, resource minining and transportation and terraforming bodies like the Moon, Mars, Titan and others

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